Terms and Conditions

Enter our winter landscape and enjoy the snow, glides and atmosphere. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all of our park guests, please respect the following rules:

  1. Entry to Snow Dunes is only permitted with a valid ticket (1 ticket per guest). Please carry your tickets at all times.
  2. Children below 3 years old or below 1.10M are not allowed to enter the park. Children from the age below 12 years must be accompanied by appropriate guardian who is at least 16 years old.
  3. Proper conduct and respect for our guests and our Crew must be shown at all times. The Management of Snow Dunes reserves the right to refuse entry to any Guest to protect the safety and security of other Guests and our Snow Crew. An explanation for refusal of entry is not mandatory.
  4. Entry to the Snow Park, and all rides and attractions is at the guest’s own risk. Snow Dunes’ owners, management and snow crew take no responsibility for personal injury or injury to others.
  5. Helmets are COMPULSORY for all guests under 14 years of age or below 1.6M in all snow areas and for all guests on some rides.
  6. Snow Dunes is a cold environment, it is advised that children between the ages of 3 and 5 stay for shorter periods inside the Snow Park. Please be aware if you have any medical condition that can be affected by the cold.
  7. Guests take full responsibility while entering the park, if they suffer from certain medical conditions such as, but not limited to: pregnancy, recent surgery, diabetes, motion sickness, high or low blood pressure, etc.
  8. Entry to the park is only permitted with the right Snow Dunes uniforms. The rental of boots, trousers, jackets and free socks are included in the entry price. Free gloves are also included with some tickets. Gloves, hats and other accessories that are not included in the ticket price can be purchased from our retail outlet or from the shop inside the park.
  9. No food or drinks is to be taken into the Snow Park. Drinking and eating is only permitted in the allocated ‘’F&B’’ area.
  10. For your safety and security Snow Dunes is monitored by CCTV cameras.
  11. During busy periods a queuing system may operate at some rides. Queue jumping is not permitted and may result in guests being asked to leave The Snow Park.
  12. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of Snow Dunes and the Mall.
  13. In the event that a Guest is injured or feels unwell First Aid facilities are available for the treatment of minor injuries and ailments. If required Guests who are injured or who are feeling unwell will be transferred to a local hospital. Any Guest who refuses First Aid assistance or to take advice given by Snow Dunes First Aiders will be required to complete a Waiver and by doing so will be deemed to have accepted full responsibility for any consequences arising from such refusal.
  14. For security reasons, Snow Dunes reserves the right to search bags on entry for dangerous or prohibited items.
  15. All Snow Dunes tickets are valid for a 1 time use only. Tickets cannot be used for Re-entry once the guest leaves the park. The time play remaining in the ticket is also not refundable.
  16. Pets, food and beverages brought from outside are not permitted.
  17. Management is not responsible for the loss of personal items.
  18. Management reserves the right to interpret these guidelines based on the unique circumstances of any given situation. Furthermore, any issues not specifically mentioned in these guidelines will be handled with the best interests of all affected persons.

*Terms & Conditions are subject to change without notice.