Playing in the snow is as fun as it sounds! Tighten your snow gears and jump onto our exhilarating rides, that will keep you shivering with excitement

More than 50 meters in length, this is the longest slide in the park, Brace yourself for slicing your way from the point in the park!

Race to the bottom of this thrilling slide with your friends or family. This duo racer ride will take you by storm.

Kids love slides. And this one is covered in snow! Let your little ones pair up and go crazy on this duo racer slide.

Don’t we all love dune bashing? Trade the golden sands with white dunes as you meander through snowy hillocks on individual or family-sized tubes.

Climb and conquer! Experience an action-packed expedition to the top of our Snowy Mount.

Squeal with excitement as we take you on a spin. The classic merry-go-round gets an icy twist.

Bring the party to the snow! Our majestic Magic Box will turn every occasion into an unforgettable celebration.

Charge up & indulge yourself with delicious treats & hot drinks.

Have fun browsing through our range of merchandise & treat yourself to a variety of desserts & hot drinks.